Here we perform studies on specific
sectors, Portugal market analysis and Portugal market research, identifying market opportunities.

These studies can be about Portugal economic growth, Portugal economy, Portugal exports, Portugal country profile, Portugal economy overview, and others as requested by the clients.
We can do also business research, consumer research, company’s research, and online market research.


market analysis in metal industry

Promoting examples of economic success

We also publish small books on high growth economies to be used by the embassies of foreign countries at the receptions celebrating their national days, or for institutional marketing purposes. Also case-studies on the success of organizations.

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Sample of endorsements received:

“Congratulations for the book on Poland and for your very interesting presentation at the conference of the Polish embassy.”
D. D.
Polish investment and trade agency
“Thank you on behalf of our Embassy for your presence at our national day celebration and your work on the book that was received with great interest by our guests.
E. S. C
Embassy of Poland

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