Portugal Trade Missions and Portugal Roadshows

We organize Portugal Trade Missions and Portugal Roadshows:

  • Whose success is the number of memos of understanding signed between the parties;
  • After one to one meetings;
  • And what requires an extensive previous work of matchmaking

Contrary to many trade missions which fail to produce concrete results, ours:

  • Last one day at most;
  • Are from start to end focused on one to one meetings;
  • After thorough previous preparation

Our partner is always an organization interested in exporting to, or creating joint-ventures, or investing in the Portuguese market, which:

First: Obtains a list of interested companies/clients

Second: The interested companies/clients then indicate the name (or sectors) of the Portuguese companies they want to meet with

Third: Our office contacts the Portuguese companies

Fourth: And prepare the meetings:

  • Time
  • Purpose
  • Participants; and
  • Background information

Fifth: All meetings among all companies are held simultaneously and subsequently (e.g. during an afternoon) and at the same location

Sixth: The mission ends with a cocktail for extensive networking with other Portuguese guests.

successful portugal trade mission
successful portugal trade mission

We also organize roadshows where a single organization:

First: During one or two days,

Second: Has several meetings across Portugal;

Third: With selected parties previously indicated by the foreign organization;

Fourth: All meetings previously prepared; and

Fifth: Accompanied by our office.

portugal roadshows map by markint

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A small sample of endorsements received:

"Thanks for your great work. Fantastic and great."
R. A.
"I found your work very helpful. Many thanks."
J. L.
Monex Financial Services
"Thanks. It was great."
L. C.
"Thank you for coordinating such an interesting and hopefully fruitful business."
J. L.